Susan Wei Fiber Artist The job of the artist is to take the elements of his or her culture or world and put them together in a meaningful way. To help interpret the significance and truth of life in the world as experienced by the artist and to share that with others in ways that will cause thought, reinterpretation and change in the culture and or the people touched by it. This is true for the musician, the poet, the storyteller, the visual artist, the sculptor, dancer, the creative spirit. Art flowers in strange places, in times of war and famine and in prisons and refugee camps, in caves and cathedrals as well as in times of abundance and peace. However, artists fare better when there is prosperity.

The call to be the “meaning-makers” for a time and culture is a high one and only a few stand the test of time in their works. But if an artist can engage the audience in the creative process and open new windows and doors on truth and the life of the heart, mind and spirit that alone is a worthy ambition.

As is true for all visual artists, I use the language of line and color, composition and design. . I dye, paint, discharge, manipulate fabrics to create what my mind and heart see. My work grows from my enjoyment of fabrics, textures, dimensions, and colors. The interplay and use of these things to move the heart, mind and imagination of the viewer is my aim. To think in new ways about the meaning of events and issues, peoples and the world around us and to bring a pause and a space to contemplate and reflect on the direction and purpose of life.

My subject matter is drawn from my life and the issues that I am dealing with as a woman of faith, wife, mother, and citizen of the world. I seek to discover the sacred in the banal and to portray that in my art. I make a piece and put it out in the world to find a home, to move a heart to cause laughter, tears, or just quiet calm. I hope for nothing more than an engaged audience.

~Susan Wei